GREENEXT MATERIALS is a partnership group, founded in 2015 and establishing a group of industries with a broader vision of developing sustainable solutions, materials, systems, solutions etc. for industries, organisations and societies. The companies utilises advanced technologies to develop sustainable today and furthering to fulfil all the future aspects in daily ingesting, energy, health etc. Company employs multidiscipline experts in the team, precise tools, and technique to deliver excellent performance of our clients. A unit of GreeNext Materials group started to produce multi-functional electrolyte-water, specially to rejuvenate the energy storage Lead-acid, Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium based etc. batteries using an innovative restoration system. GreeNext group is developing sustainable technologies to recycle energy storage devices using green technologies and solutions. Group is also developing the power battery fabrication process using Green and Renewable Technologies. Our group is a supplier of carbon-based composite materials in large amounts and developing different products such as Carbon based batteries, Graphene-based membranes. Our companies adopts technologies after a rigorous validation at research and development  section in the companies. Our esteemed customers include Telecom Industries, Automobile Industries, Indian Railways, Solar Industries, Government Authorities, Airports, etc. The group is ambitious for net-zero emission by 2050 scenario (NZE).