17 Gifts For The Guy You JUST Started Dating

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. I’m willing to bet he can find more uses for this 14-in-1 tool than you expect. And hey, if you want him to assemble every piece of furniture you buy from now until the end of time… Don’t let him be caught in the cold without a stylish fleece pullover.

Nothing says “I’m into you, but let’s take things slow” quite like a box of gourmet, decadent sweet treats. On a mission to save the planet together and saying no to straws whenever you’re out together? This set of handmade-in-Manitoba glass straws by glass-blower Brook Drabot is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Gamifying something you already love doing together, like watching movies, is always a good idea. This scratch-off poster encourages you to keep track of all those movies you’ve seen together while Netflix binging.

Show Mom How Much You Love Her With These Thoughtful Holiday Gifts Under $50

Instead of getting swept away with romance, focus on forming a bond of trust and friendship. Many guys don’t want a Valentine’s Day gift, so it’s likely something you don’t need to worry about. If money is an issue, you could make or do a nice gesture. You might draw something for him or offer to help him with something.

This National Parks checklist will give you date ideas for the next, well, ten years. Hit up every wildlife preserve and keep track with this poster checklist. If he’s not into super mushy-gushy gifts, this beaded bracelet is perfectly low-key. You can customize it with your name or a sweet phrase in Morse code, and only the two of you will know what it says.

Personalized Tree Trunk Glass Duo, Uncommon Goods, $85

However, it’s not so personal that you’ll drive the other person away. Just be sure you know your crush’s preferred method of reading books or watching movies. As an added bonus, you could watch the movie together on Valentine’s Day. Don’t let the fact that it may be the first of many gifts for this holiday throw you off. The holiday is all about love and kindness, so even the act of an offering is a great start.

For a budding love interest: Homemade treat

Let them have the chance to be Michael Scott themself and have a fun time running the office. Does your boyfriend or girlfriend love making a good drink whenever the two of you cook dinner at home? If so, upgrade their drink game and buy this bartender kit for them. It has 11 bar tools and a 24 oz professional stainless steel martini shaker. Whatever stage you’re in, don’t stress too much about it. If you recently got into a new relationship, the holiday season can be a little awkward when it comes to gifting.

A practical new relationship birthday gift idea for him he will use every day. Get your new man something fun and unique that he will love to eHarmony show off to all his friends. This shot-spinning roulette game will be a great gift to use with his buddies or for a couple’s casino night.

Definitely another good choice for anyone who doesn’t care about robots but still needs something cool. Gift cards are a safe option when you don’t know his taste or what he might enjoy. Plus, if he doesn’t use all of the money on one thing, it’s always possible to come back later and buy something else. Now is not the time to spend a crazy amount of money and showing all of your cards.

Choose from different subscriptions or give him a gift card if you are not sure what kind of wine he is into. Gifts for men fall into a few different general categories, clothing, sports-related, and romantic. Any of these types of gifts would work well for a new boyfriend.

A personalized pet portrait of their fur baby.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday with a lot unnecessary but added pressure. What’s even worse if figuring out what to do on Valentine’s Day when you’ve just started dating someone; now that’s added pressure. Coming up with Valentine’s Day date ideas is tough as is! I’ve got you covered with a few Valentines Day ideas for someone you just started dating. The last thing you’d want to do on Valentines Day is Netflix and chill. There’s nothing special about that Valentines Day date idea.

Choose something that relates to a hobby or that simply says you care. A Burlesque show is by far, a spicy Valentines Day date idea. If you feel bold enough to give it a go with someone you just met, you absolutely should! Watching the art of seduction is a perfect way to spice up your Valentines Day.

It’s like a birthday card, except he’ll read the message every time he looks at his bathroom counter. If your boyfriend is a football fan, this would be such a cool gift. This book traces back the history of their fav team through New York Times archives.

Tickets to an escape room, the completion of which is a crucial milestone in any new relationship these days. A pair of soft pants to make your one-on-one lounging time cozier. The bonus with this one is that if you guys break up soon, this gift would still have prompted a $5 donation to the ACLU. This is one of those magical gifts that seems really silly but inspires immense joy in nearly every recipient. Ten Wilde have been seen on celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Lilly Singh. Reviews mention how lightweight they are and say they’re perfect for everyday wear.