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GreeNext Materials is a partnership group, founded in 2015 and establishing a group of industries with a broader vision of developing sustainable solutions, materials, systems, solutions etc. for industries, organisations and societies. A unit of GreeNext Materials group started to produce multi-functional electrolyte-water, specially to rejuvenate the energy storage Lead-acid, Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium based etc. batteries using an innovative battery restoration system. GreeNext group is developing sustainable technologies to recycle energy storage devices using green technologies and solutions. Group is also developing the power battery fabrication process using Green and Renewable Technologies. Our group is a supplier of carbon-based composite materials in large amounts and developing different products such as Carbon based batteries, Graphene-based membranes. Our companies adopts technologies after a rigorous validation at research and development  section in the companies. Our esteemed customers include Telecom Industries, Automobile Industries, Indian Railways, Solar Industries, Government Authorities, Airports, etc. The group is ambitious for net-zero emission by 2050 scenario (NZE).


GreeNext Materials Energy is a Private Limited Company, unit is runned by GreeNext Materials Group. The company started multiple projects to promote green initiatives for sustainable today by Govt. of India. Company started to work on energy sectors and is producing patented multifunctional electrolyte, to rejuvenate Lead, Nickel, Lithium based electrolyte batteries for industries and societies. Company has prime goal to reduce battery disposal and increase the life of batteries through Regeneration Technology. Company offers exclusive services for battery regeneration and extend the life of Industrial batteries with economic savings as well as energy savings. The company is getting number of projects for sustainable today from govt. agencies. The company has taken initiative to recycle and manufacture Green power batteries using advanced technologies.


GreeNext Electric Automobiles is registered as Private Limited company runned by GreeNext Materials Group, establishing to recycle the scrap vehicles, automobiles into raw materials and further produce new vehicles, components. GreeNext Electric Automobile started to collect the scrap batteries, vehicles and started to extract and reproduce raw materials using an innovative green recycling process. The unit has the goal of recycling disposable vehicles and promote electric vehicles for a sustainable and green environment, extending economic savings for society. 



GreeNext Materials Solution is a supporting unit of GreeNext Materials Group, which offers exclusively on and off site services and solutions for the group. We provide automation solutions, electronics solutions, IT solutions to the Industries, organisations and end customers. Our company encourages for the annual management system and annual maintenance contract for economic savings. Our partner companies include Schneider Electric, Lenevo India, etc.


Registered Address
Mirzapur, Azara, Kamrup, Guwahati – 781017
Near LGB International  Airport, Guwahati, Assam, India
 Corporate Office Address
GreeNext Materials Energy Private Limited
5th Floor, Block -09, FIST, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna
Contact number (Landline): 06115458221
Project and Office Address
Ground Floor, GreeNext Materials Energy Private Limited
Gumi Road, Chhaygaon, Kamrup, Assam – 781124
Contact Number: +919387471528